22 Feb 2014

Now that your book has been published it is vitally important to work on your profile to get your work out there. Unless you are Dan Brown or JK Rowling you have to do some work as your book won’t sell itself, the public need to know that your book exists, is available and what it can do for them. Here are just a few tips that we have formulated to help you with that process. In many of our packages much of this will be dome by ourselves on your behalf.

  • Launch party – Invite your family and friends and local residents to your home where they can get a signed copy of your new book. If you are involved with any organisations such as a charity you can invite them along and utilize their publicity too in the form of a joint venture.
  • Press release – As a local author the press will often be willing to get involved with you, you can even invite them to your launch party.
  • Radio – You can contact many radio stations within your field and set up an interview to promote yourself and your book, a simple search on Google for example will help you find suitable stations.
  • Magazines – You can get in touch with various magazines within your field and either advertise with them or write regular columns for their readers which will promote you and your book.
  • Youtube – You can create a short video which will be seen by a large audience on such things as Youtube.
  • Social media – Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a free and easy way to advertise yourself and get involved in group discussions within your field of expertise.
  • Website/Blogger page – Most people these days search on Google and other search engines for services that they seek; therefore it is important to have a website so people can find you and your services.
  • Marketing materials – For example business cards and flyers. You can contact event organizers and get your materials at their venues; this will put you in front of a large transit audience.
  • Conferences – You can personally book a table at various events and conferences whereby customers can make contact with you face to face and purchase your books. This is a good way to meet people.
  • Talks and Workshops – You can attend various events and do talks for their audiences in order to promote what you are doing and also promote your book. You can have copies available for purchase on the evening/day of the talk too. Author and book together.
  • You can exchange website links with various established people within your field, which will increase your search engine ‘hit rate’.
  • You can set up an Amazon account in UK/Europe/USA to sell your books worldwide.
  • Library – You can contact various libraries who have a budget to purchase books.
  • Stores - You can contact local book stores within your specialist field to stock your books.
  • Pre-Orders – When you have stirred up interest begin taking pre-orders for your book which will help you decide how many to print off to satisfy demands.
  • Snippets – Use your social media and other outlets that are available to you to divulge snippets from your book announcing where the snippet has come from (IE: from the forthcoming book by…? Entitled…?). Again this will generate interest for you.

There are many things you can be doing; this list is just some of them. The main thing is to put yourself out there. Have a think about where people looking for your message are going to find it, because that’s where you need to be.

Best wishes with your book and we wish you every success now that your work has been officially published. And it goes without saying a big well done for your perseverance.


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