14 Jan 2016

In November, we wrote about the worship of stars and planets (astro-theology), which dates back to the ancients, and how Jesus is really the Sun or “The Light of the World”.

Sun Worship

Sun worship is found in our daily life, corporate identities and brands. Even McDonalds’ logo is a Sun symbol.  Undoubtedly the Sun is worthy of such accolades as it is the reason we are able to exist on this planet during this incarnation. Without it nothing would exist here.

The Sun is man’s saviour—the golden orb that makes the dark and dangerous realm of the night disappear each morning. It enables each of us to see, feel warmth, and eat the offspring of its rays.

But how many have seen the esoteric Sun worship within many of the most famous locations in the world? Unless you have looked into the esoteric and are aware of this secret code, you may not be able to identify such symbols.

Arch De Truimph, Paris. 
Sun’s rays. Arch= Sun arch. Situated in Champs Elysee, meaning City of Light, or Sun.

10 Downing Street, London. 
Sun above the door with lion door knocker (Sun symbol), and the number 10, which is a significant Sun number (Deccan).

Statue of Liberty, New York City. 
Liberty herself is Isis, holding the flame of Nimrod, the Babylonian Sun God.

Memorial for Princess Diana, Pont De Alma, Paris. 
Paris = Temple of Isis. Again, the flame of Nimrod has been erected.

Many more obelisk symbols exist around the world in such places as the Vatican, Washington, D.C. and the City of London. And each is a secret code for those with eyes to decipher. 

Even at the heart of British government at the “Houses of Parliament” in London, we have “Big Ben”, which is really a phallic symbol. It is the penis of Osiris the Egyptian Sun god, and “Ben” is simply the benbenet which is the pyramid cap.

So next time you are out and about, keep one eye on the symbols—the secret language around you. It can be very interesting indeed. 

Your turn. 

Who put these symbols there and why such worship? What do they know about the Sun that the general population doesn’t? Is there a secret language going on around us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Michael and Sarah Feeley


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