20 Aug 2014

Sazmick author Alec Laider has gone from strength to strength since the publication of his title 'Granddad You Have A Message' which was released in December 2013.

Sazmick Books arranged for Alec to appear on the Critical Mass Radio Show with Paul Giovanni and since that time the author has been a guest on numerous radio shows in both the UK and USA and as well as being offered his own radio show with Critical Mass Radio, has recently secured a regular spot alongside host Wendy Adams of the Wendy Adams Show, also hosted by the  Critical Mass Radio station.

Alec's latest show can be heard here: http://www.mixcloud.com/cmr/the-wendy-adams-show-13082014/

Alec came to author the book 'Granddad...' following the passing of his Wife Pat when he opened up more than ever spiritually and began to channel messages from a higher aspect of himself. These messages are of benefit to all who read them and Alec continues to channel and write down his experiences as each day passes. He decided to donate the proceeds of the book to two charities close to his heart, The Kelli Smith Appeal and Breast Friends to help support their cause.

Alec continues to write and is currently in the process of compiling his second book, a kind of autobiography that describes his life changing experiences.

Check out Alec's website for further information on upcoming media appearances: www.granddadbooks.com


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