29 Dec 2015

Billions of stars and planets exist beyond our imagination and frequency spectra. Yet we are narrow-minded enough to believe that we are the only living beings in this vast and possibly limitless universe.  Imagine another race of beings having the same limited ideas about alien life—yet here we are!

What evidence can we bring to the table?

Sarah and I have seen many unconventional craft in the skies during the day and night. The identity of the pilots can be questioned, but indisputable is the fact that the craft are there and in Earth’s airspace.

What about evidence left behind?

Crop Circles

This crop circle in the shape of a figure eight means infinity to many people. Our interpretation is that this is the “Anu”, the ultimate physical atom of creation and material physics; the place between matter and abstract and life and perception. 

Sarah and I have visited and stood inside many crop circles just after they have been formed. There is a warm electromagnetic pulsation/energy feeling caused by a momentary increase of gravitational electromagnetic force at ground level. This is not an easy feat. 

Within the circles, shapes that appear circular are actually oval. This optical illusion uses 3.1 instead of standard Pi (3.14159…), as 3.1 is the more perfect circular shape.

UFO Sightings

We also have eyewitness testimony. For example, former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell said, “I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real."  

Too many people are seeing unusual supersonic craft for there to be no credence now.

Ancient Alien Evidence

3000+ year old Wandjina  Australian Aboriginal rock art

The Nazca Lines Runway in Peru

Planet Mars

Wiltshire, UK

The third image above shows the Cydonian city on Mars. The last image shows the area of Avebury in Wiltshire in the UK where many crop circles appear, with the Mars map overlaid. The Cydonian city of Mars also contains the famous face and pyramid constructions. 

How do we explain the uniformity between the two without considering the possibility that a race of beings has been to both Earth and Mars? 

Means of Travel 

Electromagnetic space propulsion and riding on the crest of electric currents are two means of travel crafts favour.  The two best craft shapes for these types of travel are the disc and the cigar / tubular shapes. They use single magnetic polarity and negative mass (going against gravity), and in many cases, are piloted by thought according to various channellings. 

There is still the yet-to-be-discovered area of “Molecular Programming.” An example of this is the light metals that returned to its origins despite being cut and separated, experienced after the Roswell Incident in New Mexico.

Roswell UFO Incident

Best regards,
Michael and Sarah Feeley


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