21 Dec 2015

Christmas is almost here, and adoring crowds of parents and family will watch their children act their hearts out for this year’s “Nativity” play.

Nativity means birth. In particular, it means the birth of a child known as Jesus, the son of God, supposedly born on the 25th of December. In the knowledge that one day this child would one day be King of the Jews, three Wise Men bearing gifts visited Jesus of Nazareth whilst he lay in his crib in a stable (though the stable didn’t exist at the time Jesus was meant to be there). The three Wise Men followed the Star of Bethlehem until they reached the saviour, his mother Mary, and his father Joseph.

Young and old minds alike have been taught and indoctrinated with this false story for many hundreds, even thousands, of years.  And yet after all this time, the majority of us continue to believe it, never questioning or researching facts for ourselves.

We talk a lot about the astronomical origins of the Bible stories. Even the story of Jesus has an astronomical origin.

We are taught by the ancient oral teachings of the Kabbalah that the stars/universe and the body are connected—that they are the same thing in a physical incarnation. Each part of the human body has a universal counterpart called medical astronomy. We are affected by the stars and planets, and we are those stars and planets in a fragmented form.

Now, with Christmas in mind, let us put some clarity on the origin of the Nativity play. We don’t ever intend to destroy the delight of children, but we do intend to add truth to the mix.

The three Wise Men are the three stars of Orion’s Belt who followed the Star of the East, or Sirius.

Wise men and Star of Bethlehem, Orion’s belt & Sirius

Above Orion is Cancer. Cancer has a constellation called Asellus, which means Donkey, and a star cluster called The Manger.

The Donkey and The Manger

In one aspect of our observable universe we have all the parts and characters of the Nativity story, and it has an astronomical origin.

The Inn was full when Mary (Mare/Sea) and Joseph (The God Set) arrived.  Symbolic of a full mind unable to activate the Christ consciousness, a still mind in spiritual terms is much easier to connect through meditation and alike with the higher realms.

The Bible, like many other religious books, has different levels of understanding. We can either continue with a superficial level of storytelling or we can join at a much deeper level and connect to the higher places. 

For now the duping has worked, and for the many it will remain a story so convincing that the minds of billions are rented and indeed sold cheaply to the authors of such stories.

Best regards,
Michael and Sarah Feeley


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