20 Dec 2015

The entire world is controlled and gripped by a system called the monetary system. It is the greatest form of dictatorship and it keeps billions under the thumb of the puppet masters of planet Earth.

But how many know that this is due to the Uniform Commerce Code (UCC) that is Maritime Law?

Maritime Law

Maritime Law is law of the sea extended to encompass the land and its contents controlled by the Vatican Church; the bank of which is controlled by one of the world’s elite banking families—the Rothschilds.

The UCC was introduced so that trade would be equal throughout the globe and so that the enfranchised—ourselves (the slaves)—could also do business with bigger business.

We are allowed to have a bank account in order to trade and do business; a certain level of freedom within our slavery. We have a surname which derives from slave-name, and we are members of a family which is derived from Familae, meaning house of servants.

We are, in fact, a business bought at birth by the big banks, and used as trade throughout our lives. In the US they have a series of numbers on their birth certificates which relates to them on the New York stock market. In the UK we have a National Insurance Number (NI) which enables the system to track us and our acceptance of commercial benefits.

Maritime Law is written into our world. They are a business. Have you ever told anyone to mind their own business? When we get married we enter into a partner(ship); again a business term; and when we die we are a corpse which is derived from Corporation; a dead business, in effect.

We have such words as apprentice(ship), relation(ship), guardian(ship) et al. They all refer to us as "ships” within the rules of maritime law. When we go to court we stand in the “dock”, another shipping term, and we stand before a judge who sits on the “bench”. The word “bench” comes from Banco, meaning bank. And when a ship enters the dock it needs a “berth” certificate, a certificate of manifest. So when we enter through our mother’s waters we too need a birth certificate, and for that very reason we are a newly created business registered as such (“registered” comes from Regis meaning King, we are giving ourselves to the state).

This system of control is written by authors (authority) with their legalese under the rulership of Saturn, the god of law. The black robes that judges wear are the attire of the Saturnalian brotherhoods.

Judge Judy in black robes, The gold trim around the US Flag in the background indicates she is operating under Maritime Law.

So upon conviction, you are either fined or you are a “convict”—a Vict-Con—a victim of a con which is the judicial system of maritime law seeking to remove your assets.

Awhile back, we covered this subject in a documentary.

We are all a business used as a means of trade. At least, the fictional aspect of you is.

Best regards as always,
Michael & Sarah


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