2 Dec 2015

Pythagoras stated, “All is number.”

But what did he mean?

The universe is so called as it is one verse—“uni” meaning “having or consisting of one”, and “verse” meaning “arranged with a metrical rhythm”. We can further extend this to space and distances between the beat; a sonic equation, a number system based upon the metre.

The whole of the universe, and even humanity, is created to a series of numbers. When we are conceived, we undertake the “Genesis Pattern.” Genesis can be described as: the Gene of Isis, cosmic womb, matter, material, and mater (mother). The Genesis Pattern, also known as the Seed of Life, moves to the Egg of Life, and eventually to the 64 tetrahedron grid created in a series of multiples of 8.

Genesis Pattern

Our three-dimensional world is the creation of the 5 platonic solids. Our universe is a dodecahedron, which is a three-dimensional shape with 12 pentagonal sides.

5 platonic solids

The marvel of an eclipse is possible due to The Moon being exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun. This creates an optical illusion that both objects are same size. 

Lunar Eclipse

Our world is dictated by time. Time relates to the divine shape of the universe, which can be further defined by number series.

Time is clocked-based upon numbers—specifically 12—which completes the divine circle. This is why planets are spherical within the dodecahedron-shaped universe. 

The clock system is the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. When we break the system down, the hour is Horus; the Sun-anagram/horizon, meaning Horus/Risen. Minute is the Moon, and second is Mercury. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun and has the fastest orbit.

We have “Right Ascension” (RA) coordinates used to locate planetary bodies, which is a number series. 

The human body has 12 meridian points and 12 chakras (5 dormant and 7 active), and uses the base 10 number system. There are 12 zodiac signs and 7 colours within the third-dimensional spectra. There are also many number references within our belief systems, such as Jesus and the 12 disciples (the zodiac), King Arthur and the Twelve Knights of the Round Table, the Four Gospels, etc. In fact, everything refers to a numerical system—the 4 elements, the 4 cardinal points, and the 4 seasons are yet more examples.

Geometry is all around us and within us. Geometry is within our creation. It is numbers; God and his Angels; God and his angles. 

Is it any wonder, then, that Pythagoras said “all is number”? Maybe after spending many years in the Egyptian Mystery Schools of Secret Knowledge he knew a thing or two. 

To further the point, when you author your book, it will include a referenced page count and amount of books sold, which is another example of a numeric system.

There are many more examples of the relationship of geometry, numbers, the universe and creation, and we have provided just a tip of the iceberg.  

Best regards as always,
Michael & Sarah 

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